13 de julio de 2009

The Nails - Mood Swing (Remastered With Bonus Tracks)

Pass: 2tonezone.blogspot.com

01 Every time i touch you
02 Dark brown
03 88 lines about 44 women
04 Home of the brave
05 Let it all hang out
06 Mood Swing
07 Phantom heart
08 Juanita, juanita
09 She is everything to me
10 White wall
11 88 lines about 44 women (remix)
12 Let it all hang out (remix)

Banda de los 70`s y 80`s de New Wave (new wave rock music). Ete disco fue reeditado Creo k en el 2005 aki incluye 2 temas mas (Los remix)

Pass: 2tonezone.blogspot.com

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